From prototype to market readiness

As of 2016, a total of five prototypes have been developed - each a little better than its predecessor. The objective was clear: the device should be robust and easy to use.
It should work as quietly as possible and be ergonomically designed.
In addition, it should reliably generate perfect 3 to 10 compartments, for light, medium and mega volumes.

Natalie Petker


Dimitri Petker


Nadja Richert

Sales Manager
An engineering office constructed the mechanics and electronics engineers the special circuit board for the iLashFan within six months.
Manufacturers for mechanics, electronics, housings and all other components were searched for and found.
The rule here was: The individual parts should be very stable in order to guarantee a long-lasting product. The practical and ergonomic design was also developed in close cooperation with eyelash stylists.
The iLashFan is now convincing in all respects and is ready for the market.