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The new world of volume lashes

Make your work easier

Making fan after fan by hand is a challenge even for professionals. The conventional volume treatment is lengthy and exhausting. With the i LASH FAN®, the lash fans are automatically always perfect. The work becomes easier, you save time and material.

We also want to make the technique accessible to beginners!

Fanning out eyelash extensions by hand is difficult. If you want to learn it, you need a lot of practice and time. This is why volume technology is often not even available to job starters in particular. Getting started with volume technology is easy with the i LASH FAN®. Perfect volume lashes succeed after a short time.

Together to success - let us help you!

Would you like to offer your customers even more and always achieve a perfect result? With the i LASH FAN® you can expand your range directly. Without any expensive training. All employees can create such beautiful volume lashes, no matter how much experience they have. With the iLashFan you always offer your customers reliable quality.
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Faster, prettier, easier with the i LASH FAN®

"My wish is always to make the work easier without the quality of the result suffering as a result"
says Natalie Petker, CEO i LASH FAN®, Wimpern deLuxe, WONA®


For a long time we were looking for a solution to make the demanding technique of volume lashes easier. We didn't find anything anywhere. So we set to work ourselves and developed the i LASH FAN® - by professionals, for professionals!


The innovative technique fans out the eyelash extensions automatically. Even fans appear, again and again. This is magical...


With the new i LASH FAN®, even beginners can master the volume technique in no time. Because the difficult fanning out of the extensions by hand is no longer necessary


Thanks to the foot switch, which you use to control the i LASH FAN®, you have both hands free for the treatment. You can trust the i LASH FAN® blindly: the fans are always perfect. This protects the eyes and makes the treatment faster and more comfortable

Made in Germany

We focus on high quality - for you and your customers. That's why we developed and manufactured the i LASH FAN® here in Germany

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With the i LASH FAN®, you will quickly get the hang of it
A total of five prototypes were developed from 2016 - each a little better than its predecessor. The objective was clear: the device should be robust and easy to operate. It should work as quietly as possible and be ergonomically designed. In addition, it should reliably produce perfect 3 to 10 desired fans for light, medium and mega volume.

Natalie Petker


Dimitri Petker


Nadja Richert

Sales Manager
An engineering office designed the mechanics and electronics for the special circuit board for the iLashFan within six months.
Manufacturers for mechanics, electronics, housing and all other components were sought and found.The following applied here: The individual parts should be very stable in order to guarantee a durable product. The practical and ergonomic design was also developed in close cooperation with eyelash stylists.The i LASH FAN is now convincing on all counts and is ready for the market