The iLashFan is designed to make the work of eyelash stylists easier!

Your success is our aim


As professionals, we know the challenges of our job very well.

We know where something can be made easier.


So that you can achieve even better results.

That is our claim.

We want to make the work of eyelash stylists easier!

Making compartments by hand is a challenge even for professionals. The conventional volume treatment is lengthy and exhausting. With the iLashFan, the eyelash fans are always perfect. The work becomes easier, you save time and material.

We want to make the technique possible for beginners too!

Fanning out eyelash extensions by hand is difficult.
It takes a lot of practice and time to learn it.
In particular, young professionals cannot offer volume technology at all. Getting started with volume technology is easy with the iLashFan.
Perfect volume lashes are achieved after a short time.

We want to help you to be even more successful professionally!

Would you like to offer your customers even more and always achieve a perfect result?
With the iLashFan you can expand your offer directly. Without any expensive training.
All employees can create beautiful volume lashes, no matter how much experience they have.
With the iLashFan you always offer your customers reliable quality.