eyelash Extensions
carrier film

i Lash Fan® Extensions

Our eyelash extensions are tailored to the iLashFan. Arranged on a particularly narrow adhesive tape, the compartments are particularly easy to remove. The extra-long adhesive strips also provide a plentiful supply of extensions, so the strips need to be replaced less often. And assembly is quick and easy thanks to the self-adhesive back.

Carrier film

The carrier film was specially designed for the iLashFan. The non-stretchable material is stretched into the device and serves as a support for the strips with the eyelash extensions. It is only available here exclusively.
3d lashes. The new world of volume lashes


For working with the iLashFan, tweezers with long tips have proven themselves. We recommend the model with diamond tips and a perfect finish with deLuxe eyelashes.
So the compartments can be gripped securely.
Material: Japanese steel in a noble gold finish with diamond-coated tips for a perfect grip. Length: 12 cm.
3d lashes. The new world of volume lashes

Glue Cups

The Glue Cups from Wimpern deLuxe not only absorb the glue. Thanks to the notches on its edge, excess glue can also be easily removed and shaped. The result is particularly straight, fine feet in no time at all.
The glue cups can be quickly and safely attached to the top of the iLashFan.


We recommend the EXAKT eyelash glue from Eyelash deLuxe. This adhesive for professional eyelash extensions is of optimal consistency and perfect drying time for working with the iLashFan.