Faster, more beautiful, easier - with the i LASH FAN®
Up until now, eyelash stylists needed a lot of practice to create perfect volume eyelashes

with the i Lash Fan®

it's different: it automatically fans out the eyelash extensions - for light, medium or mega volume.



Our device i LASH FAN® has a packaging that is not only safe and practical, but also looks classy. Secure packaging is important to protect the device from damage during transport or storage


The luxurious white color is a timeless classic and suits the beauty industry perfectly. White symbolizes purity and elegance and exudes a calming effect. The white color is not only popular in the beauty industry, but also finds favor in many other industries and always remains trendy

Made in Germany

The i LASH FAN® device was developed and designed by an experienced team of German engineers and electricians to make the work of lash stylists easier and more effective. The team worked closely with lash stylists to understand their needs and requirements and design the device accordingly


The i LASH FAN® comes with a range of handy accessories including a foot and hand sensor, four lash mix boxes, 20 white foils and 100 glue cups

Have we aroused your interest?

You are welcome to visit us in our Bielefeld (Germany) eyelash studio by making an appointment and test the i LASH FAN® device without obligation.

We look forward to you!

The i LASH FAN® for eyelash stylists for volume technique is available at a price of €1500 plus VAT

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