Volume eyelashes


Faster, more beautiful, easier - with the iLashFan, stylists conjure up volume lashes like never before

The new dimension of the eyelash industry

Up until now, eyelash stylists needed a lot of practice to create perfect volume eyelashes

with the i Lash Fan®

it's different: it automatically fans out the eyelash extensions - for light, medium or mega volume.

The result is always perfect.
There is no committee, that saves extensions.
And there is no need for expensive training courses to learn the volume technique.
Natalie Petker, CEO
Operation is easy and quick to learn.
The iLashFan is controlled by a foot switch.
Stefan Vogt, Ingenieur
The eyelash stylist has both hands free for the treatment.
Christine Hefner, Lashmaker
Up to eight strips of eyelash extensions can be installed at the same time,
so you always have different lengths and curls at hand.
The resulting compartments can be easily removed by right and left-handers.
Mark Johnson, Entwickler